Monday, July 12, 2010

Things I'd like to do...

aka The Birthday Blues. Anyone 40 and over reading this will say "what is she complaining about? She's going to be 32, it's not like she's 40!?!" Everyone experiences the birthday blues, at some time, and mine has come at 32...well 32 on Thursday. Shh..I'm busy milking 31 for all it's worth. Thing is I'm not really the pity party kinda gal, least I hope not. But life is never that spectacular plan that you wrote for yourself at 15, 20, or 25. Sure, it can be spectacular if you let it ride, but can we stick to the script please? I was really feeling the whole "I'll have a loft, a luxury car, rule the world, and have 2 kids by 30 bit.." What? Was that a bit much? I guess my script was pretty boring anyway, so it may be better I chuck it and start fresh. It is definitely easier said than done. It has been a rough two years, and I find myself challenging what I thought I knew, what I think I wanted, and what I'm looking forward to. You know the girl in the movie theater who watches the fright flick through two fingers? Yeah, that's me right about now. I guess I'm going to do this the same way I get on the highest roller coaster in the park.
Bravado. Holy crap, what are you doing? Heart pounding. Is this seat belt on? Are you sure? What the hell was I thinking? Oh crap, that's high. Screeammmm. Laugh. Hmm, that was kinda fun.
I'm not much of an action packed kinda gal beyond that, so my list of things I'd like to do is pretty tame..for now anyway. But in the spirit of putting it out to the Universe, here are a few simple things I'd like this year. Are you listening Universe??!

-the beach at night under the stars
-a bonfire and s'mores
-lounging on a boat on a lazy sunday
-a few more dinners out
-good company
-a vacation
-more money than I've seen in the last three years
-Oprah's favorite things (a girl can dream can't she)


Layerstoo said...

great post....keep those dreams alive!!!

jenna@sweetfineday said...

ok, see now? I am that 40 yr old person you are speaking of. But while things might seem uncertain now, I have done 8 out of the 10 things on that list (guess which ones I haven't? Lol), so there is much to look forward to in the coming years. Trust me. And I'm not saying that you have it all figured out when you reach my age. Just look around the blogosphere. Happy birthday.

Michelle from Holley and Gill said...

I wish for you a beautiful day on your birthday where you can hold you head up high and instead of listing what you want to do, list what you've accomplished. Dreaming is definitely healthy, and I can tell you with experience, being in our 30s is pretty darn awesome so let's lift a glass (and a couple of cupcakes) to that!

Layers and Layers said...

sorry to hear you are feeling that way....i see you put certainty on your list...that's one I can guarantee you will won't be able to achieve. Letting it go might actually free you up....Hope it doesn't stay with you to long! I had a blast when I reached 34...I think I finally got interesting....LOL! Best wishes for a beautiful birthday!

Marilyn G Russell said...

Happy Birthday! I remember when I was in the early 30s, it was fun. Now that I'll be 40 this year come October, it's going to be funner (i know....bad english). I don't think your blues will hang around too long, not with that super personality you have. Have a rockin' bday!!!

Nyla said...

I always appreciate honest posts. The ones that come from the soul and don't apologize for what the heart is feeling. I think at any age we re-evaluate, look back and look ahead. It's part of life. Embrace every bit of it, the good the bad and the ugly. Dwelling on what you don't have or didn't accomplish will only breed regret. Go forward with great confidence of all that you do have and WILL accomplish! Thanks for sharing and here's to 32, 35..40..50 :)

Hammocks & High Tea said...

thanks so much everyone for stopping by to comment on my, thankfully temporary, crisis! Here's to 32 and bring on the CAKE!!