Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This particular lady rocked. If she were here now, she'd say something to the effect of "what sort of language is that Ali (my nickname)?". March begins Women's History Month, and I'll be darned if I had no idea, but today is only the 1st so I get a female empowerment pass.

My business, my inspiration, and I believe my wicked ability to persevere through the face of all odds is owed in part to my grandmother. She taught me to explore my creativity, lovingly decorated her home with every doily covered pillow I ever made, sat still for hours as I drew crooked, disjointed "portraits" of her, and gave me one lesson after another on kindness and grace. As a child, I remember my family would shake their heads and say "Doris can't turn anyone away". And she surely didn't. I hope to give half of what she has given, tirelessly, humbly, and beautifully to every one that came across her path.

Here's to you Granny, this month and every single day. I'm so happy my past, present, and future is blessed by your spirit.


Sana said...

She is stunning. It's amazing when I think about how our mothers and grandmothers "made things happen". I have a photo of my grandmother (who we called Granny too) playing the piano, all dolled up. (Women used to dress!) Happy Women's history month!

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Oh wow!!! Love this, Karen! Or should I say Ali?!?!?