Friday, May 6, 2011

What's in a name?

You've seen images like this on the site before and thought..geez this girl is OB-sessed with island living right? Wellll...kind of. In truth, it's all a part of my master plan. The name Hammocks & High Tea came to me in a tiny kitchen in a tiny Brooklyn apartment. I wanted something that spoke the inspiration for my brand immediately, in a few short, catchy words. Hammocks- Caribbean roots High Tea- British influence
Can I tell you how many people say "Wow, that sounds like someplace I'd like to be right now". Well, I'm letting it slip today. Part of my vision in choosing Hammocks & High Tea as a name is that I'd like to develop a Caribbean boutique hotel one day. Thoroughly modern, filled with amazing textiles and furnishings, and a world class spa. I hope one day I'll look back and be able to say the journey started in my little Brooklyn kitchen. 

P.S. Whomever is quoting that "make plans, God laughs" phrase right now is not invited to the party. No hammock for you!


Lee Nicholson said...

LOVE the idea! Relaxed yet sophisticated.Put me down for a vacay.

Mari Robeson said...

That's a beautiful vision. Do it! I would love to be the first to book a room at your fabulous hotel with your creations!

Homestyling101 said...

Found your website/blog on Simplified Bee- as an Interior Decorator in Westchester, NY I will certainly be adding you to my resources! Beautiful stuff!

Karena said...

How wonderful it is an exciting idea and dream to make come true!

I discovered you at Cristin's!


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